Breaking into the China Market: The Must Do’s with Mei Chan // 進入中國市場必須做的事 – 陳美瑩

We are happy to present our second and final episode with Hong Kong based KOL, Mei Chan! To jump straight into the episode, click on the video above. Otherwise, here are our thoughts.

The China Market. Regardless of your industry, it’s regarded as the holy grail of business opportunity. Whether you are in real estate, fashion blogging, or other content creation, penetrating the mainland market has its own set of challenges and opportunities that set it apart.

我們很高興能與香港 KOL Mei Chan 陳美瑩 一起談訪。這是我們的第二集談訪,也是最後一集!這裡是我們與Mei Chan 陳美瑩 一起談訪過程中得對的想法,如果希望直接進入談訪,也歡迎擊點上面的影片喔。


Key Considerations | 關鍵考慮因素

To KOL Or To Not KOL | KOL 或非 KOL

Key Opinion Leader’s are one of the foundations of successful content marketing. But, how they are presented is almost as important as actually having their support and appearance. For example, properly broadcasting the appearance of a KOL, and making sure that they actually connect with your core audience are more important than simply slapping a name on a video. In the video above, Mei discusses how she has learned when to implement, and when to avoid KOL’s in her own content creation.

KOL是成功內容營銷的基礎之一。KOL的表現方式十分重要,就正如實際擁有了KOL的支持和形象一樣。例如,正確地宣傳 KOL 的形象,並確保他們真正與您的核心觀眾建立聯繫,這比簡單的在影片上打一個名字更有效。在上面的影片中,Mei 討論了她學會了在什麼時間行動以及自己的創作內容中避免出現其他 KOL。

Language Language Language | 語言 語言 語言

While this is an obvious one, adjusting your pitch, business, and service to fit the growing demand of the Chinese consumer class is crucial. Mei discusses how she delicately balances using traditional and simplified Chinese characters. On top of that, she needed to make the decision between continuing her use of Cantonese, or instead speaking Mandarin. Business leaders and KOL’s should be well aware of the implications of language and how it can really affect their position and popularity.

雖然語言是很明顯的,但若能調整您的宣傳策略、業務和服務去適應中國消費者不斷增長的需求更是至關重要。Mei討論了她如何巧妙地平衡繁體字和簡體字。最重要的是,她需要做出決定,是繼續使用粵語,還是說普通話。商業領袖和 KOL 應該很清楚語言的含義以及它如何真正影響他們的地位和受歡迎程度。

Consumer Trends | 消費趨勢

While it is easy to make generalization of the china market and consumer, it is an incredibly massive and complex economy. For that same reason, the spending power, desires, and interests of your clients are bound to vary. Mei recognizes this, and makes sure to implement strategies that focus on the clientele she hopes to capture and create a community around.


Finally | 最后

For more in-depth pointers, watch our video above, and stay tuned for future Denzity publications. As usual, we hope this was useful, and thank you for watching!.

若需要更深入的指導,請觀看我們上面的影片,並繼續關注未來的 Denzity 內容。像往常一樣,我們希望這對您有用,感謝您的觀看!

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