What Content Makers NEED TO KNOW to Enter the Mainland Market 🇨🇳 with Mei Ying Chan // 跟陳美瑩學習如何打進中國市場 🇨🇳(創作者須知)

[English below]本集是Mei Chan的兩集訪談系列中的第一集。 今天,我們深入研究內容創作及如何與多語言粉絲群交流。



對於Mei的見解和小眾智慧,請收看上面的視頻。像往常一樣,享受並繼續關注第 2 集!

This episode is the first of a two-part miniseries with Mei Chan. Today, we delve deep into content creation and working with a multilingual fanbase.

Mei’s journey did not have a conventional start. Rather, she was first inspired by bilibili-style videos and quickly grew towards YouTube content. She realized that successfully doing so offered her the work-life balance she desired.

At that time, the market was still underdeveloped, and she soon found a niche that rewarded her with loyal followers and a strong fanbase. In the video above, she goes into her thought process behind the scenes, and what she believes it took to succeed. Time management. Self-discipline. The ability to multitask and coordinate well.

We ask Mei what she can share about amplifying your brand, and how to break into markets. With her experience working with both Hong Kong and Mainland viewers, she walks the line and pleases both kinds.

As a KOL herself, she shares insider tips and tricks for featuring them in videos. A KOL personality is a good starting point, but the brand mentality and product offered needs to resonate with the viewer.

For Mei’s insights and niche wisdom, tune in to the above video. As usual, enjoy, and stay tuned for episode 2!

▶ About the Guest|關於訪客:

Mei Chan is a professional video content creator. Unlike everyone else, Mei has decided to focus on the Chinese market instead of becoming a Youtuber. She mainly focuses on promoting her fashion business on Chinese social media channel, such as Bilibili and RED. Her videos are mostly about “Outfit of the Day #OOTD” and travel vlogs.

In three years time on Bilibili, Mei has already uploaded more than 200 videos and had more than 420K subscribers. She has also taken jobs as KOL to promote prestigious brands, such as Lancome, Apple and Farfetch.

Mei的旅程沒有常規的開始。 相反,她首先受到 bilibili 視頻的風格啟發,並迅速將其發展為 YouTube的內容。 她意識到,這樣做成功達成了她想要的工作與生活之間的平衡。

那個時候,市場還很不發達,Mei很快就找到了一個方法,讓她得到了忠實的追隨者和龐大的粉絲群。 在上面的視頻中,她深入探討了她在幕後的思考過程,以及她認為成功所需的條件,包括時間管理、自律、多任務處理能力和良好的協調能力。

▶ Guest Contact|在下方聯絡 :

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXUR8ZrOih133tvaIe9zmQA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/withmeiying/?hl=en

Bilibili: https://space.bilibili.com/259288038?from=search&seid=15450712484675482079

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