Choosing the BEST Properties in CANADA 🇨🇦 with Denzity // 與Denzity一起選擇最好的加拿大房地產

[中文簡介在下方]Since Canada is one of the most preferred places for investment and is popular among overseas investors, we have made a special episode on this topic. Today, we have Myles (Research Lead at Denzity) and Darren (CEO of Denzity) to give us an overview of the Canadian property market, especially in Toronto and Vancouver.

Although Toronto and Vancouver are the top investment places, the features of both property markets are totally different from each other. Darren who has lived in Canada for 7 years, has in-depth knowledge of the real estate markets in both cities. He will be pointing out the differences between the markets and giving you some advice and suggestions on choosing the right place in Canada for investment.

Tune in to the episode above and the following video of our mini-series to get some tips and gain some insights on how you can invest in Canada.

加拿大一直都是最受歡迎的投資地之一,深受海外投資者的愛戴,我們特意就這個話題做了一集內容。 今天,我們有 Myles(Denzity 的研究主管)和 Darren(Denzity 的CEO)為我們概述了加拿大的房地產市場,尤其是在多倫多和溫哥華這兩大城市。

多倫多和溫哥華雖然是最熱門的投資地,但兩個樓市的特點卻截然不同。 Darren 在加拿大生活了 7 年,對兩個城市的房地產市場都有深入的了解。 他將指出市場之間的差異,並會為您提供一些在加拿大的投資建議,讓你能夠找到合適的投資地點。


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