Which One To Choose: Melbourne V.S. Sydney

  • With the pandemic, Sydney house prices will rise 13% more than that in pre-COVID levels by 2023; Similarly, house prices in Melbourne will rise 5% more
  • Melbourne is fast becoming Australia’s biggest city, having an 18% greater growth rate than Sydney

Australia has been a popular destination for foreigners all …

Hong Kong’s Smart Buildings

Hong Kong's Smart Buildings
  • Hong Kong has 300-500 new buildings per year, having more than 50,000 buildings in total
  • Hong Kong buildings account for 90% of its total electricity consumption and 60% of total carbon dioxide emissions each year

What is a smart building?

A smart building is exactly what it sounds like. Smart. …

Inside Hong Kong’s Smart Buildings

Inside Hong Kong's Smart Buildings

Landlords and tenants have become more flexible and innovative when it comes to deciding how we live and work. Hong Kong has seen an increasing trend of smart buildings that are managed with automated systems, AI, and other various PropTech (Property Technology) functions. Especially since the government’s amibitious 2030 climate …

Public Relations Tricks That Real Estate Agent Should Know With Terra Yeung // 地產經紀需要知道的公關技巧 (楊埕特輯)

[English below]歡迎收看我們與Terra Yeung 的第一集。 Terra 是一位在做公關相關工作方面經驗豐富的香港藝人。 在這一集中,我們討論了進行公共關係和市場營銷的不同方式,尤其是針對房地產公司。 Terra 還將分享她的經歷以及有關其他人在公關行業中的一些有趣故事。

Terra是一位香港藝人,曾出演過不同的戲劇和電影。 鑑於她之前一直在在娛樂行業工作,什麼讓她開始了從事公關相關工作?她的故事揭示了她開始從事公關業務的原因以及她在該領域得到的經驗。 她還分享了一些有關其他人在公關行業中的有趣故事,這些故事可能會讓您感到驚訝。

特別是對於房地產公司而言,脫穎而出並以獨特的方式宣傳您的品牌至關重要。 Terra 將討論房地產公司如何進行公關工作的不同方式。收聽上面的訪談和我們一係列的以下視頻,了解 Terra 如何做到這一點,並獲得一些有關如何做到這一點的見解。

Welcome to our first episode with Terra Yeung. Terra is a Hong Kong artist who is experienced in doing PR related work. In this episode, we talk about the different ways in doing …

What Content Makers NEED TO KNOW to Enter the Mainland Market 🇨🇳 with Mei Ying Chan // 跟陳美瑩學習如何打進中國市場 🇨🇳(創作者須知)

[English below]本集是Mei Chan的兩集訪談系列中的第一集。 今天,我們深入研究內容創作及如何與多語言粉絲群交流。



對於Mei的見解和小眾智慧,請收看上面的視頻。像往常一樣,享受並繼續關注第 2 集!

This episode is the first of a two-part miniseries with Mei Chan. Today, we delve deep into content creation and working with a multilingual fanbase.

Mei’s journey did not have a conventional start. Rather, she was first inspired by bilibili-style videos …