You Think You Can Produce Your Own Show? with Andrea So // 你認為你有能力製作屬於自己的節目嗎?with Andrea So 蘇韻姿

[中文簡介在下方]Welcome to our second episode with Andrea So. This is episode 2 in our 3 video miniseries, and today we are going to be discussing choosing your script, determining the story, and setting up a production.

Previously, we invited Andrea So to tell us more about character building. This time, she will be sharing more about video production. Andrea has been interested in art and culture since she was small.

In addition to her being a professional actress and TV host, she has also started her own Youtube channel, having more than 35K subscribers.

Creating videos is easy, you just need to set up a camera and speak. But creating interesting videos which attract attention, and able to maintain a fan base, is not the same thing.

In this episode, Andrea will be giving some tips on the preparation of speech. From scriptwriting, memorizing key points to talking about the on-set equipment and lighting.

Tune in to the episode above and the following video of our mini-series to learn how Andrea did so, and gain some insights on how you can do the same.

在上一集中,我們邀請了Andrea So來告訴我們更多關於角色塑造的內容。 這一次,她將分享更多關於影片製作的內容。

Andrea 從小就對藝術和文化感興趣。 除了是一名專業的女演員和電視節目主持人,她還開設了自己的 Youtube 頻道,擁有超過 35,000 名訂閱者。

拍攝影片很容易,您只需要設置一個攝像頭並對著它講話。 但是,製作富吸引力能得到注意並能夠維持粉絲群的有趣影片並不是簡單的一回事。

在這一集中,Andrea 提供一些準備演講的技巧。 從劇本寫作、記住重點到談論現場設備和燈光都會提及。

收看上面的訪談和我們迷你系列的以下影片,了解 Andrea 如何做到這一點,並獲得一些有關如何做到這一點的見解。

▶ About the Guest|關於訪客:

Miss So grew up in Toronto, Canada. Since she was small, she was interested in studying culture and art.

She went to Queen’s University, majored in drama and minored in music. In 2015, Miss So won the first runner-up in a singing contest on Canadian television.

Since then, she has worked as a television program host and guest in Canadian TV series. In 2016, Miss So participated in the “2016 Miss Hong Kong Campaign” and won third place in the line.

She then joined TVB and was notable for her role as “Xiong Xinru“(熊心如) in the TVB drama “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold”.

Most recently, Miss So has started her own Youtube channel. She has been doing covers and vlogs, having 37.5K subscribers on her channel.

蘇韻姿小姐在加拿大多倫多長大。 她從小就對學習文化和藝術感興趣。 她入讀了Queen’s University,並主修戲劇,輔修音樂。

在2015年,蘇小姐於加拿大電視台的歌唱比賽中獲得亞軍。 此後,她一直在加拿大電視劇的電視節目擔任主持人和嘉賓。


最近,蘇小姐開設了自己的 Youtube 頻道。她一直在做歌曲翻唱covers 和影片vlog,在她的頻道上已經有 37.5K 訂閱者。

▶ Contact Andrea So Here|在下方聯絡 Andrea So :

Facebook (Andrea 的專頁| Andrea’s Page):



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