Manci Man’s 4 Must-Do’s for the Real Estate Industry // 文慧詩的 4個在房地產行業必須要做的建議

Hi everyone. Welcome to out interview with Manci Man from Century 21. Manci is an experienced real estate professional who is helping clients find property abroad. She shares with us her advice from working in the industry, and predictions for the future.

Manci Man is an expert on overseas property investment. Based in Hong Kong, she has devoted her career to helping investors find their next international property. Whether east or west, she streamlines the search process and promotes developer’s missions abroad.

In our first episode with her, she shares with us her 4 key points for industry professionals to follow. More than tips, these 4 points are necessary practices that the real estate professional must use to ensure their client’s experience is the best.

Grace Period: At her own company, Manci has instituted a grace period, in which clients have 3 days after a purchase to reverse their decision. Perhaps at the last minute they decided it did not match their price point, and if so, the company will return the money back.

24-Hour hotline: Some property agents have a stereotype of not following up with the client or not remaining with them through the entire ownership cycle. At Century 21 International, her team offers a 24-hour service hotline where clients can reach out with questions at any time.

Quarterly Report: This is a necessity for transparent operations. In the past, overseas property owners were not entirely kept up to date with their investments. What is it’s condition, what are the numbers for this quarter? Manci and her team send out regular reports to answer these questions, and urge other agents to do the same.

No premium spiking: For it’s higher demand and bespoke service, international property purchases from the agent can see a higher premium than listed by the developer. Manci and her team are fighting to end this trend, for the client.

They promise no premium increases, and closely follow the original prices listed by the developer. These are a few of the many suggestions Manci has for any overseas property company, and the video above holds more nuggets of wisdom.

Watch the episode above to hear it first hand from her, and stay tuned for our second episode with Manci. We hope the article was insightful for your business, and as usual, enjoy!

▶ About the guest:

Manci is currently the co-owner of Century 21 Goodwin International, a branch of of the biggest property franchisee in Hong Kong, established in 1989.

At Century 21, (International) she works to expand the business overseas and to the Greater Bay Area. In 2019, she sold over 100 propertiess overseas, reaching a total sum of over HK$150 million.

She has previously worked at Raeon International Limited, strengthening their B2B sales distribution channels and working closely with many property agencies. With regular site visits to Australia, Manci holds in-depth first hand market knowledge of the Australia property market.

She also wrote a weekly column in major local newspapers in Hong Kong specialised in the area of Overseas Property Investment.

Manci also spends her days as the founder of M Patisserie, a boutique Hong Kong based bakery. ​ Manci was elected as the 2019 Hong Kong Professional Elite Ladies, JCI Lady, and award the 2019 Hong Kong’s most outstanding Leaders Award, Hong Kong.

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