Why & How Real Estate Investment is Changing in 2021

Trends come and go. But technologies and mindsets will stay to shape the future of property investment. Why we invest in what we do, and how we do it, is evolving rapidly.

This is the second of our two part discussion, where Darren, CEO of Denzity announces our product launch! First, he and Myles, Denzity’s research lead, talk about why investor sentiments in real estate, and how we actually invest, are changing. Stay tuned for the end, where Darren presents Denzity’s solution to eager real estate investors.

As far as the “Why” is concerned, ESG, Millennial Money, Developing Markets, and Digital/Video Marketing are increasingly changing why we invest in what we do. These consumer trends go on to effect how the actual investing is done. From REITS to overseas management, the entire property investment lifecycle is becoming more streamlined and global. While crypto or volatile securities have soared in the last year, property remains a reliable and near foolproof investment.

However, agencies and developers need to adapt in this online world, and the investors themselves still lack a centralized property database in this vast data ecosystem.

At Denzity, our solution is aimed at both sides. One one hand, the SaaS lead generation software helps companies grow their online presence and reach new cusstomers. On the other, broad and deep content serves to educate investors on all things property investment. Watch our discussion below, and stay tuned for more product information.

▶ About the guest:

Darren Wong is the founder and CEO of Denzity, an online real estate solutions startup, which helps bring property businesses online with a lead generation SaaS solution. He began his career with a string of successful startups in Canada before relocating home to Hong Kong and working in a professional real estate investment firm.

Just over two years ago, he founded Denzity and PropTech Institute out of frustration with the property industry and is dedicated to improving all elements of the property lifecycle.

▶ Thoughts (Chinese):

這是我們兩部分討論的第二部分,Denzity的CEO Darren在此宣布我們的產品發布!首先,他和Denzity的研究主管Myles討論了為什麼房地產投資者的情緒以及我們實際投資方式正在發生變化。敬請期待影片尾段,Darren在此向熱切的房地產投資者介紹Denzity的解決方案。 就“為什麼”而言,ESG,千禧一輩的經濟實力,發展中市場以及數字/影片營銷正越來越改變我們投資於我們所做的事情的原因。這些消費者趨勢繼續影響實際投資的方式。從房地產投資信託(REITS)到海外管理,整個房地產投資生命週期都變得更加精簡和全球化。儘管加密或易失性證券在去年飛漲,但房產仍然是可靠且近乎萬無一失的投資。但是,代理商和開發商需要適應這個在線世界,而投資者本身仍然在這個龐大的數據生態系統中缺乏集中式的財產數據庫。 在Denzity,我們的解決方案針對雙方。一方面,SaaS潛在客戶生成軟件可以幫助公司擴大在線業務並吸引新的客戶。另一方面,廣泛而深入的內容有助全方面教育投資者進行房地產投資。 請觀看我們的討論,並繼續關注更多產品信息。

▶ About the guest (Chinese):

Darren Wong是線上房地產解決方案初創公司Denzity的創辦人兼CEO,該公司通過領先的SaaS解決方案幫助房地產企業上線。 他的職業生涯始於在加拿大的一連串成功初創公司,然後移居香港,並在一家專業的房地產投資公司工作。


▶ Contact Darren & his team Here:

Website: https://www.denzity.io/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Denzity.io                                          

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/denzity

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