Investing in Sydney’s Property Market [2021]

Investing in Sydney’s Property Market [2021]

▶ Episode Breakdown

We zoom in on Sydney in this second episode of our three part miniseries. Our guest, Terence Cheung, shares the attractive elements of the city’s property market, and some key takeaways for the interested investor. Sydney remains a prized investment location, and we will discuss why exactly that is. Hope you enjoy!

Like in much of the country, demand in the city outpaces supply. For this reason, market indicators are quite unique. Yield is compressed to no more than 3%, and certain official reports indicate between 15% to 20% yearly growth in property prices.

Between the beautiful landscape and relaxed way of life, the city is increasingly favored by CEO’s, tech moguls, and celebrities. For our investors and viewers, this is truly an energetic market. We at Denzity agree with Terence when he says that his investment advice would be to first ask yourself the correct questions.

What is your budget? Will the property be for yourself, or rental income? Additionally, tips of identifying nearby landmarks are an essential in property investment, and it is no different in Sydney. Public spending on infrastructure and education means that property closer to metro stops and schools are also successful ways to guarantee a higher demand. Awareness of these trends and private and public projects will be a key asset to any investor, and you can be sure to find such content in future Denzity publications.

▶ Episode Breakdown [Chinese]

我們於這個分成三部份的迷你系列更深入了解悉尼。我們的嘉賓,Terence Cheung,分享這個城市的房產市場吸引之處,以及給有興趣的投資者一些重點提示。悉尼依然是一個黃金投資地段,而我們將會討論原因。希望你會喜歡!


在美麗的風景和輕鬆的生活方式之間,這座城市越來越受到CEO,科技巨頭和名人的青睞。 對於我們的投資者和觀眾來說,這確實是一個充滿活力的市場。當Denzity說Terence的投資建議是首先問自己正確的問題時,我們同意Terence的觀點。

你的預算是多少?該物業是屬於您自己,還是屬於租金收入?此外,識別附近地標的技巧對房地產投資至關重要,在悉尼也是如此。公共基礎設施和教育方面的支出意味著,靠近地鐵站和學校的物業也是確保更高需求的成功途徑。 意識到這些趨勢以及私人和公共項目將是任何投資者的重要資產,並且您可以肯定在以後的Denzity節目中找到此類內容。

▶ About the guest:

Terence Cheung founded Raeon in 2014, and has since been providing a full comprehensive service to developers and purchasers across many overseas locations. He has a proven track record of supplying clients with their desired solutions, and a long running passion for real estate.

▶ Contact Terence & his team here:

Website –

Facebook –

Youtube –

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MTF (Multilateral Trading Facilities): provide retail investors with an alternative platform to trade financial securities.,investment%20banks%20usually%20operate%20MTFs.&text=MTFs%20are%20known%20as%20Alternative,ATS)%20in%20the%20United%20States.

Yield: annual income from the investment, a percentage of the investment’s total cost

Sydney’s MTR/Metro map.

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