Getting on Australian Real Estate Now

Getting on Australian Real Estate Now

▶ About this episode:

The Australian real estate market has always been popular for Hong Kong investors. In this episode, we sit down with Terence Cheung, founder and CEO of Raeon International, a Hong Kong-based overseas real estate investment specialist. We discuss important insights for the Australian market, mortgages and taxes, and how Terence and his team are there to help. Beginning with the macro, we cover the overall market’s attractive stability and transparency, taking into consideration the government’s pandemic response and variations between regional hotspots. Hope you enjoy it!

▶ Our Thoughts

In this episode, we answer fundamental questions on the Australian real estate market. Our guest is an insider; Terence Cheung, founder & CEO of Raeon International. For years, his company has served as an overseas real estate investment specialist for Hong Kong-based clients. From the macro trends to tax-rate specifics, Terence distils his experience to help unpack the market. For investors – both overseas and domestic – it’s crucial to be familiar with Australian tax rates, mortgage schemes, and demand trends in order to participate in this energetic market. On top of these notable points of due diligence, there is also value in imagining what lifestyle and environment you want from your investment. We will be covering the booming Australian market in our next video as well, zooming in on Sydney and Melbourne. Please do not hesitate to reach out for any questions or comments through any of our social media listed below. As always, we hope you find the following content useful and informative. Enjoy!

▶ About this episode [Chinese]

澳洲房地產市場一直受到香港投資者的歡迎。 在本集,我們與香港海外房地產投資專家Raeon International的創辦人兼首席執行官Terence Cheung訪談。 我們討論了有關澳洲市場,抵押和稅收的重要見解,以及Terence及其團隊如何為您提供幫助。 從宏觀角度開始,我們考慮到政府的疫情應對措施和各地區熱門地點之間的差異,涵蓋了整個市場的吸引力、穩定性和透明度。 希望你喜歡!

▶ Our Thoughts [Chinese]

在本集,我們回答了有關澳洲房地產市場的基本問題。我們的客人是內幕人士; Raeon International的創辦人兼CEO Terence Cheung。多年來,他的公司一直為香港客戶擔任海外房地產投資專家。從宏觀趨勢到具體的稅率,Terence總結了他的經驗來幫助我們了解市場。 對於參與這個充滿活力的市場的國內外投資者而言,熟悉澳洲的稅率、抵押貸款計劃和需求趨勢至關重要。在盡職調查這些重要組成部分以外,了解和想像你投資產品的生活方式和環境也很有價值。 我們還將在下一個視頻中介紹蓬勃發展的澳洲市場,在此我們將重點討論悉尼和墨爾本。請不要猶豫,通過下面列出的任何社交媒體與我們聯繫。與往常一樣,我希望您認為以下內容有用且有益。請享受!

▶ About the guest:

Terence Cheung founded Raeon in 2014, and has since been providing a fully comprehensive service to developers and purchasers across many overseas locations. He has a proven track record of supplying clients with their desired solutions, and a long-running passion for real estate.

Terence Cheung 於2014年創辦了Raeon,自此為發展商及買家於海外不同地區提供一站式服務。他擁有供給顧客理想地點的經驗,而且對房地產行業充滿熱情。

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SME’s (Small-Medium Enterprise) small headcount, relatively small turnover businesses

Auction clearance rate: is the percentage of properties that sell at auction.,that%20goes%20to%20auction%20sells

Mortgage Security Fund (MBS): is a security backed by the pooling together of mortgages.,similar%20to%20bond%20coupon%20payments.

Capital Gains Tax: a tax on the profit when you sell something that’s increased in value.

Stamp Duty: a government tax on documents required to record certain types of transactions.

LTV (Loan-to Value): is an assessment of lending risk before mortgage approval.

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