Property Exhibition: How It Works

This is our third quarterly update.  In this video, we talk about property exhibition – how property exhibition works, how covid impacts, and our recommendation.

Property Exhibition: How It Works

Our Thoughts on this episode

Property exhibition is a very effective method to attract investors and close deals. But, attracting investors to exhibitions has become harder. Real estate companies need to create more engaging contents to bring potential buyers to the events. What do you think of this video and our take on the property exhibition trend? Love it or hate it? Let us know in the comment section. 

Key Discussions

  • How Property Exhibitions Work
  • How Covid Affects Property Exhibition
  • Suggestions On How To Thrive



  • 物業展覽如何運作
  • Covid如何影響財產展覽
  • 關於如何興旺發展的建議


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Darren’s passion for real estate and technology can be traced back to his experience. Previously, Darren founded startups across different industries. He discovered opportunities where technology can empower society and unlock potentials. Before Denzity, Darren worked at a global real estate investment firm, which helps Asian investors to find, invest, manage, and sell overseas commercial real estate projects. During his tenure, he realized the importance of giving investors a safe place to ask, share, and discuss their questions with experts and other like-minded investors. This insight helps Darren discover his true passion for diving into the PropTech industry. 

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