UK Real Estate Market 2021 with Gordon Franks at Lifestyle Property

UK Real Estate Market 2021 with Gordon Franks at Lifestyle Property

In this episode, we interview Gordon Franks at Lifestyle Property, a real estate agency helping Hong Kong residents source properties predominantly in the United Kingdom. Additionally, they offer other services such as arranging the finance and provide full turnkey solutions on lettings for the past 13 years.

This is the first of the three-part episodes we filmed with Gordon and 2 other experts covering the newest 2021 updates of the UK real estate market. Learn about obtaining a mortgage in the UK, tips on doing taxes, and what to be aware of when investing in UK properties. 

Today, we interview Gordon on his insights into the UK real estate market, along with what he thinks is overrated in certain UK regions. He will also be letting us know where other investors are looking, and answer some important questions. This is going to be amazing for those of you who might be interested in investing in the UK. Please share this video with anyone who might be interested and we hope you enjoy the show!

在這一集中,我們採訪了Lifestyle Property地產公司的Gordon Franks,該公司是一家房地產仲介公司,該機構主要幫助香港居民提供在英國的房產。此外,他們還提供其他服務,如安排融資,並在過去13年中為出租提供全面的一站式解決方案。



Key Discussions

  • UK real estate market in 2021
  • Overrated and Underrated cities in the UK
  • Things to be aware of when investing in UK properties

I begin to see investors exploring properties in the UK that are outside of typical cities that investors tend to look at, such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham. It is mainly because investors prefer investing in properties generating substantial rental income. I would suggest being cautious with what regions you target and do more due diligence about the region’s future development. Try to find someone who might have lived or visited the region in the past, and has more insights into what is happening on the ground. If you have any suggestions on any topics or questions about the UK market, please feel free to comment!

  • 2021年英國房地產市場
  • 英國高估和低估的城市
  • 投資英國房地產時應注意的事項


▶ About the guest:

Gordon Franks is the Managing Partner of Lifestyle Brokers in Hongkong. Primarily focusing on helping Hong Kong residents to purchase properties overseas with a focus on the UK, Lifestyle Brokers do not only source the properties but also help arrange finance and provide full turnkey solutions.

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