The Best Outside-the-Box Ideas For Real Estate Professionals Come From Outside The Industry

“Why do you interview non-real estate professionals for our real estate show?” I get that a lot.

We are a PropTech startup (real estate technology) that wants to make real estate more accessible to all. Part of our work is to make real estate (a complicated subject) digestible so anyone can join in on the conversation, and we believe interviewing non-real estate professionals help us achieve just that.

It doesn’t sound too crazy when we put it together like this, right? For the longest time, we reserved about what we put out there. But this year, we realised we needed to push harder, so we set out to do something different, something that would widen the world and perspectives of our audience of both real estate professionals and investors. 

By interviewing experts from different fields to learn from and emulate, we give our audience what needs to become better at what they do in the real estate sector. Guests like Jo Lam, 4HK, and others with interdisciplinary experiences crossing into real estate are not irrelevant to the business. Instead, they remind us of the possibilities and opportunities that we often blind ourselves to. 

Especially now, the real estate industry is going through a fast-paced, radical transformation in the digital world. At the same time, businesses concur that we need evolution if we survive and strive. We seek to change perceptions of value and encourage reimagining real estate business like employing PropTech, ESG, tokenisation, content creation, education, and digital marketing. Ultimately, we want people to be prepared. To believe that a massive paradigm-shifting event like Covid is only a one-time occurrence is to be caught off-guard by things to come. 

We constantly look for interesting topics that even the people in our industry are trying to figure out. That’s what we stand for. Continue to change and evolve, and help us continue to push our content into more actionable and meaningful conversations.

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