Aren’t you concerned to interview someone as controversial as Jo Lam 林作?

“Aren’t you concerned to interview someone as controversial as Jo Lam? He isn’t even in real estate.”

Even before the release of our interview with Jo Lam, a lot of people have expressed confusion with our subject choice – here are our thoughts.

We at Denzity believes it’s crucial not only to provide a platform for popular real estate insight, but its equally important to lend a voice to less-known perspectives. To that end, we have always wanted to find someone with a controversial brand – someone who could see the industry differently, and give us the opportunity to explore unconventional paths to success.

We believe we have the responsibility and privilege to explore topics that other companies won’t dare.

As much as we disagree with certain things Jo has done or said, he has proven to achieve results effectively, and you can’t simply ignore him.

In our industry, a lot of people are overly sensitive to their brands. As a result, they try to fit in – denying themselves the potential for new exciting opportunities.

For those interested in different narratives, Jo’s interview is a look into what it is like to stand out. For all the personal attacks, tough circumstances and marginalisation in the industry, one has to wonder if he finds it all worth it. After interviewing Jo, we believe the lessons he describes are worth sharing and reflecting upon.

The episode will be out in a few months. Stay tuned

Interview with Jo Lam 林作

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