Hi, 2021

Hey 2021, we are back!

The past year has been… quite the journey. We start posting stuff online. Start making videos. Yes, lots and lots of them. Starting a YouTube channel. Start offering Denzity Portal to real estate agencies. We even decided to dress up now… just a little bit

If you are new here, our Denzity Insights is where we interview real estate experts to share their expertise and opinions to help you to learn more about all things real estate. Beside that, we are going to launch a new series, Denzity Lens – where we interview digital experts in fields, such as video creation and digital marketing, to helps real estate professionals learning how to build their online presence and become the best versions of themselves.

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This disclaimer informs readers/audience that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text/video belong solely to the author & participant, and not necessarily to the participant’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual.

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往年我們也做了不小成果,我們開始在網上上傳資料,開始製造影片,等等…還開設了一個youtube 頻道。也開設了我們Denzity 的平台給予專業地產經紀使用,我們也開始穿的更加的好。

如果你是剛剛認識我們,那先介紹一下,我們Denzity Insights 是一個採訪專業地產專家來向投資者介紹他們的特長以及對項目以及趨勢的看法用於幫助你們學會更多關於房地產的資訊來做出更加精明的判決。除了Denzity Insights, 我們將會發行一個新系列 Denzity Lens, 用於採訪電子領域的專業人士來了解更多關於視頻製作以及線上行銷,幫助房地產精英如何轉型網上市場。


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