4 Common Feng Shui myths busted!

Feng Shui Myths Busted
Feng shui, a forever mysterious yet intriguing topic. Yet many scammers out there trying to make a fortune by misinterpreting this ancient school of study.

Feng shui, a forever mysterious yet intriguing topic. Some may call it superstition, yet some find it magical and terrifyingly accurate. Yet, there are many scammers out there trying to make a fortune by misinterpreting this ancient school of study. Based on what we sourced from our experts and community, let’s bust the 4 most common feng shui myths about real estate equity investment today.

Points of fortune are the most important thing in a flat

When decorating a new home, most people will consider placing the right furniture on the right points on fortune, for example, placing the children’s room on “ the point of academia”  to improve academic results. However, merely considering the positions of these points of fortune are not enough. The exact positions of these points should be calculated carefully with consideration of the time of the year, the birth year of the house owner, and the position of the flat itself. In simpler words, the points of fortune are different in every flat. Some feng shui amateurs may try to determine these spots by themselves after reading a few articles online, and that may not be a good idea. To achieve the most desirable result, you should find a feng shui master to calculate the points of fortune specific to your flat and your fate. You can check out Denzity’s new directory to find trust-worthy and credible real estate experts who specialize in feng shui.

Road-facing flats are bad and should be avoided at all cost

Most feng shui rules will tell you to avoid flats facing roads. This rule sounds simple enough, yet it may not be as definite as you think. There are various types of roads, and you have to consider the nature of the road. If it is a straight and long highway, this is probably not good for your health. However, if the road is short and wide, or maybe decorated by trees on the side, then it may even be good for you.

Feng shui rule books should be followed word by word

Feng shui is an ancient science. It was developed in ancient China, and we can all agree that real estate equity investment has changed a long way. One of the major differences would be the shapes of the flats. In the past, people usually built houses by themselves, and houses were built in rectangles or squares. Yet, nowadays, the shapes of flats are determined by developers and to save spaces, most of the flats in Hong Kong are not in rectangular shapes. Even for markets less competitive like the Malaysia real estate market and Vietnam real estate market, it is very rare to find a perfectly rectangular flat. That creates a problem because ancient feng shui relied heavily on the relationship of the flat with the surrounding environment. With the change in building structure, it is unreasonable to follow the old rules because some of them may not be applicable anymore. Check out our conversation with the feng shui master on Denzity Insights  to learn more about modern feng shui practices.

Feng shui DIY is ok, as long as I follow the advice of feng shui masters

It is now easy to look up some simple feng shui rules online, but it is never that simple. Feng shui is a complicated subject and sometimes, a small change can make a big difference. Unable to examine the situation individually, feng shui masters usually give generic advice on television or online. For example, they may say metals are good in offices for people born in the year of dragon, so you hang a decorative sword on the wall, not knowing that sharp metal objects are harmful to your fate. Therefore, it is always the best to consult a trustworthy feng shui master.

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