Top 4 Tips For Overseas Real Estate Purchase

4 tips for overseas real estate purchase

Immigration has become a hot topic in Hong Kong lately. To immigrate, it is crucial to plan ahead. You should probably arrange your accommodations, work and bank accounts before you arrive in your designated country. However, it can be challenging to find information online that is truly useful, especially when it is about overseas real estate equity investment. When you’re browsing the endless search result page on Google, you’d probably think to yourself, “Gosh, I wish I have a friend who knows about this kind of stuff.”

Don’t worry buddy, Denzity is here to help. We all know real estate investment can be challenging, especially for beginners. Denzity, as a revolutionary online PropTech and real estate community, can help to tackle some of the most common problems. Based on what we sourced from our experts and community, let’s look at the top 4 challenges for overseas real estate purchases and our tips for you to address these problems.

  • I want to look for information online and do a little research myself, but I don’t even know what keywords to search!

When trying to purchase a flat in Hong Kong, we Hongkongers can always name a few real estate agencies, which is an excellent way to start. However, for overseas real estate purchase, it is not that easy. As a newbie investor, you may not be familiar with foreign agencies and relevant regulations. In times of confusion, it is always nice to have some professional and unbiased advice. Check out the real estate experts on Denzity, where we include profiles of thousands of global real estate experts. You can check the basic information of these experts or agents and read their insights on a particular market.

  • How do I know if the agencies are reliable or not?

In an Internet era, it is sometimes hard to fact-check information, especially if you’re not an expert in that field. After spending hours and hours digging on the Internet, you still can’t be sure if a particular real estate agency is trustworthy, so you try to send them an email. Still, because of time differences, you probably have to wait for days before you can get a response. So you wonder, is there a faster way to do this? Yes, and the answer is on Denzity. With our extensive independent real estate community covering experts from all over the world, it just takes minutes for you to come up with a list of foreign agencies you prefer.

  • Why are there SO MANY words to read? I don’t understand the jargon!

There are way too many jargons in the traditional real estate community. Real estate agents talk in abbreviations and acronyms, and honestly, you only know MPF, FBI and LOL! However, on Denzity, we try to be casual yet professional. We, as well as experts who work with us, speak in simple terms that even beginner investors can understand. On every profile page, there is a Q&A section (Aha! Another acronym we know), where experts share their insights on a specific real estate market and interact with users like friends.

  • I have some stupid questions, and I’m embarrassed to ask a professional.

First of all, there are no stupid questions in real estate. All questions are legit, and Denzity understands you just want to be cautious. That’s why we have a FAQ section for users to ask any kind of questions online. Who knows, perhaps your “stupid question” is actually a common concern among investors.

Denzity currently includes experts from popular destinations like the Vietnam real estate market and Malaysia real estate market, but we are looking for more! We look forward to you joining us to build a larger and friendlier real estate community.

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