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As an uprising star in the real estate industry, Denzity is going to shape the future of real estate through the rise of PropTech adoption.

When it comes to sharing real estate insights, we’d imagine a bunch of ultra-rich people exchanging insider information over cigars and cognac, keeping secrets to themselves. Well, not anymore. Denzity is going to shape the future of real estate through the rise of PropTech adoption.

Denzity is a global real estate community that enables you finding insights for your real estate exploration. It helps to open up the real estate sector by improving accessibility, increasing transparency, and breaking all the myths and misunderstanding. To put it simply without the jargon, with Denzity, it is easier than ever for investors to find reliable information about the global real estate market, get in touch directly with real estate experts and communicate with the real estate community.

We here at Denzity understand that real estate equity investment is a serious matter. Yet, it can be very time-consuming and honestly, exhausting, for investors to look for a trustworthy real estate expert, then find the one that is the best match, then study the information provided by that one single person, then find another expert just in case and repeat the above steps. We get it. That’s when Denzity comes in handy. As an online directory with a collection of insights, including global real estate experts, investors can find professional advices in minutes while sitting comfortably at home.

Not only does it save time and effort while researching real estate investment, but Denzity is also a good starting point for investors to find reliable information online. Sometimes, if you want to invest in overseas real estate, you may not know where to look precisely. Of course, some large-scale real estate agencies in Hong Kong provide relevant information, yet with such a limited amount of choices and sources of information, do you want to invest in such uncertainties with your hard-earned money? We don’t think so. That’s why Denzity is operated as an independent third-party platform to ensure investors get fair and transparent information about the projects they are going to invest in.

Are you intrigued yet? Let’s visualize this.

Imagine you’re new to overseas real estate investment, and you want to get started by, let’s say, investing in Vietnam real estate. What will you do?

Maybe at first, you will try Googling, but there is so much information, and it’s so hard to tell which ones are fake. Frustrated, you try to reach out to some of your acquaintances working in this field. Yet, they said they’re not familiar with the Vietnam real estate market, and maybe they can refer you to one of their colleagues. Since you’re still thinking about it, you don’t want to talk to someone who is too “sell-y” at this stage, so you went back to Google, trying to look at some foreign agencies, but you’re not sure if the tax system, the investment procedures and the local government regulations are the same as Hong Kong. That’s why you want to give up and try again tomorrow. And you never really pick that issue up again.

Sounds familiar? The finance world can be frustrating. Now imagine this.

Imagine you’re new to overseas real estate investment, and you want to get started. You go to Denzity. You go to its directory. Check the boxes to filter out irrelevant results. Ta-da, you got a list of real estate experts and agencies with a standardized profile. Besides basic information like company name, headquarter address and company size, you can also look at insights shared by experts and FAQs from other users. Within 30 minutes, you can have some basic knowledge about the market you find interesting and learn about the answers to common questions about that particular market. You stretch your arms and think to yourself; technology does make life easier.

If you’re still feeling unsure or confused, no worries, reach out to us anytime at

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