Invest In Real Estate With Less Than HKD 200,000 Using Denzity

I’d like to explain to you how you can invest in real estate with less than HKD 200,000 (~USD 25,000) using Denzity. First, let me walk you through what Denzity does.

Denzity is a global database of real estate fractional ownership investments. Our portal lets you find the most suitable projects based on your investment criteria. By combining multiple information sources, we present the investment in an easily digestible form so that you can compare projects faster and easier.

We expect to launch an online forum next week so that like-minded real estate fanatics, like you, can learn and share your insights and knowledge. Think Quora for real estate investing. You can post questions on real estate investment and we find experts and REFO platforms to respond and provide more guidance. 

Our idea is to bridge the potential REFO investor community with experts and REFO platforms around the world. It is key for Denzity to support the REFO industry’s development globally. By encouraging and enabling the exploration of real estate investing, we believe we together can help the industry to strive!

For the next post, I’ll explain how REFO platforms work and the investment process.

Thanks for staying tuned and speak to you soon.


Co-Founder, Denzity

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